Expressed Deep Gratitude to the Church of God for Helping a Nepalese Player

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  • Nation | Korea
  • Datum | 06. Juli 2003
ⓒ 2003 WATV
On July 4, Narayan, a Nepalese Wushu player, had a jawbone operation with the help of the Church of God, and participated in the Family Walking Festival Daegu wishing for the success of 2003 Summer Universiade.

Despite the heavy rainfall, Shrestha smiled all the time for he was moved by 30,000 church members who walked, smiling brightly without any complaint in the rain. He saw the members hold their children in one hand and wave flags of all the nations in the other hand, wearing raincoats. He said repeatedly, "Really marvelous! The Church of God supported me to have operation and let me participate in this great event. I can't express my gratitude by words."

ⓒ 2003 WATV
Afterwards, He saw the sights of Seoul, and visited the Busan Asian Games Organizing Committee and Busan City Hall with the members of the Church of God on July 10.

Wu Byeong-taek, the Chairman of the Committee, said, "As one of Koreans and Chairman of the Committee I express deep gratitude to the Church of God for helping Shrestha take medical treatment."

ⓒ 2003 WATV
And a member of the Committee said, "The Church of God's good deed set an example to the other groups which showed their interest only in big matters. I think what is important is to practice good."

And a director of Busan city encouraged Shrestha, "When you back home, improve your health and train hard. I wish you to win a gold medal next time," and thanked the Church of God, "Your church has wonderfully performed people-to-people diplomacy."

Busan city presented him a photo album about Nepal in the Asian Games, a wrist watch, and a tourist map. Shrestha, turning over the leaves of the album, looked at the photos of his friends taken with the supporters of the Church of God enviously.

ⓒ 2003 WATV
This is his second visit to Korea. As a city official asked him about the impression of Korea, he answered, "At the time of the Asian Games, I was absorbed in the game only, that I didn't have time to know Korea. But this time, I'm getting to know Korea, making friends with many people and seeing the sights with the help of the Church of God." He also said he boasted of his experiences in Korea to his family and friends in Nepal by phone.

Until his departure on coming Sunday, July. 13, his experiencing Korea will continue. The church members in Busan area hoped that Shrestha would have a pleasant time in Korea. They were practicing Christ's love, "Love your neighbor as yourself."