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Family Walking Festival Daegu Wishing for the Success of Daegu Summer Universiade 2003

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  • Datum | 06. Juli 2003
ⓒ 2003 WATV
On Sunday, July 6, the Church of God held a family walking festival in Duryu Park, Daegu city, wishing for the success of Daegu Universiade. The members of the Church of God and Daegu citizen over 30,000 paraded 3km from Daegu Technical College to the outdoor music hall in Duryu Park and arose citizens' interest in the Universiade.

Under the escort of the police cars, over 30,000 participants followed the Universiade emblem flag bearers with a drum and fife band, wavering the flags of all nations and balloons reading "WEU." Especially during the first 1km, the participants took 4 lanes of the road, which was a big event enough to attract all the Daegu citizens' attention.

All the celebratory performances were staged in shower

This walking festival's greatest ambush was heavy rain pouring without stop. A heavy rain warning was announced over all Daegu area on that day, because of the average rainfall of 30mm. From the early morning, telephone inquiry rushed, but most of the family groups more positively participated in the event, that they gave deep impression to the guests and concerned officials.

All the guests, who were moved by 'the event in rain,' wore raincoats and marched together with the members, at which reporters of the various press were surprised.
Especially Park Sang-ha, executive president of the Daegu Universiade Organizing Committee, expressed his gratitude as a person in charge of the Universiade, saying, "I'd like to give word of thanks, rather than a message of congratulation." He participated in this event to the end, though he might be tired from the journey to Parah, Czechoslovakia for the matter of bringing Winter Olympic to Korea,
And Kim Il-yun, an assemblyman of the Grand National Party and Kim Bu-gi, a constituency chapter of the United Liberal Democrats Party, also praised the members, saying, "Your ardor and devotion, which even heavy rain cant damp, will surely make the Universiade a success."

Jeon Jong-seong, one of inhabitants who observed the event, expressed his marvel, saying, "I did never imagine that the event would be performed in spite of this inclement weather. Again and again, I'm really marveled at the grand scale of the church and the unity of the members."

Foreign participants and Yun Seok-gi, the representative of the bereaved of Daegu Subway Tragedy

ⓒ 2003 WATV
Foreigners also participated in the event, getting wet in rain. Diana, who is an English Conversation Professor in a college, said, "Today, I'm very happy though getting wet in rain. Who will experience such a unity?"

Michael Schardingor, who is a U.S. soldier, participated in the event with his little son and Korean wife also didn't hide his excitement, saying, "It's a lovely rain. This rain has power to unite this huge crowd with one another. Today, I'm experiencing a very marvelous and interesting thing."

Besides, Narayan Shrestha, who is Nepalese Wushu martial art player, smiled a broad smile, saying, "I've never experienced this kind of thing. Very exciting!" (He was injured during his match at the last Busan Asian Games, and is now supported by the Church of God with operation charges and expenses during his stay in Korea.)

The climax of the walking event was shooting a aerostat. As the aerostat was shot, all the participants flied yellow-green balloons with joyful shout. A drum and fife band, composed of 40 students of Yeongcheon Computer High School, enlivened the mood with a fanfare.

ⓒ 2003 WATV
Yun Seok-gi, the representative of the bereaved of Daegu Subway Tragedy, participated in the event with other 5 members and showed his confidence in the Church of God, saying, "I still do not forget the love of brothers and sisters of the Church of God shown on the spot of the last subway accident. I'm sure that the Universiade will be a success for your church supporters the games."

The Church of God delivered donation for the unfortunate youths' purchasing Universiade entrance tickets

In defiance of heavy rain, the event continued for 6 hours. Over 70 companies, Daegu city government, Universiade Organizing Committee, and Daegu branch broadcasting stations of KBS, MBC and TBC sponsored this event and the mass media were busy covering it.

The three major broadcasting stations introduced this event in detail through news time and current topic programs, and over 10 daily news papers also reported it at the top of the front page. Kim Joo-cheol, the General Pastor of the Church of God, made it sure that the Church of God would take the lead in making the Universiade a success, saying, "However tall a tree is, it starts in a small seed." Mother encouraged the participants who kept their seats to the end despite of rain, saying, "Today's rain is a blessed rain which heaven pours for the success of the Deagu Universiade," and blessed them, "Your wholeheartedness has moved heaven, so all of your wish will be fulfilled."

The Church of God delivered donation to the Organizing Committee, asking them to purchase Universiade entrance tickets for the unfortunate youths. Besides, the Church of God plans to do supporters activities positively by 200,000 man-days during the games and to show a card-section by 2,000 members at the opening ceremony.