A smile to children who are in pain

  • Nation | Germany
  • Datum | 12. August 2012
ⓒ 2012 WATV
A hospice is a special hospital for people who are dying, where their practical and emotional needs are dealt with as well as their medical needs. A children’s hospice is a hospice specifically designed for families with children who are suffering from end-stage, life-threatening diseases such as cancer, congenital malformation, AIDS
and so on. In Germany, there are a total of nine children’s hospices. One of them is the Sternenbrüecke Children’s Hospice that is having a hard time managing its equipment and facilities because there is only one manager who takes care of them, despite the situation where the number of visitors continues to increase.

On August 12, the members of the Church of God in Hamburg, Germany, visited the Sternenbrüecke Children’s Hospice, saying, “We want to give even just a little bit of help and comfort to those in pain and suffering.” The members helped take care of the outdoor facilities: They worked hard to provide a pleasant environment for the children in hospice care and their families, by pulling up weeds, trimming the garden, painting the walls, and much more. It brought a satisfied smile to the face of everyone there, including the hospital staff and the patients, when they saw the members working so hard.

Martina Ritter, the facilities manager at the hospital, expressed her gratitude to the members, saying, “We’re always short-handed, and today you, Church of God members, willingly came here for us. I really appreciate your concern and support. It’s of great help to us.”