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The 15th Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest

  • Nation | Korea
  • Datum | 14. Oktober 2018
ⓒ 2018 WATV
The 15th Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest was held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute on October 14 to produce global talents who will lead the world according to God’s will. This event was attended by more than 5,000 members, including Korean pastoral staff members and members who have been studying foreign languages steadily with the vision of overseas mission.

At the first part of the event, Mother prayed that the blessings and grace of the Holy Spirit would come down upon those who strive to use the talent of speaking in a foreign language to save souls. “Your enthusiasm for studying a foreign language, despite your busy school or work life, to find our scattered heavenly family members is great. Languages are important to fulfill God’s earnest request to make disciples of all nations and to teach them the word of life. If you preach the gospel with the love of God, who sacrificed Himself for mankind, with your language ability, you will not only save many souls but also be exalted above all nations and given praise and honor,” said Mother, praising and encouraging the members.

“The prophecy of the Bible will surely be fulfilled. The world is paying attention to the humanitarian activities that the Church of God is carrying out extensively according to the teachings of Christ. Today’s contest is not just for competing in languages, but for preparing to become the protagonists who will display the glory of God to the whole world. Let’s have faith worthy to fulfill the prophecy as well as good language skills,” said General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol through his sermon (Dt 28:1; 13–14).

“From now on, we will begin the 15th Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest!”

ⓒ 2018 WATV

With Mother’s opening declaration, the contest began. Participants were divided into 202 groups and demonstrated their foreign language skills to the full. They preached in 13 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian, and Cambodian. Particularly in this contest, presentations were made on the appointed themes and the free themes. The brothers and sisters finished their presentations with a loud and confident voice though they looked a little nervous.

Before the awards ceremony, exemplary presentations on the truth and on various topics like TED Talks were demonstrated. TED Talks is a speech on technology, entertainment, and design under the slogan, “Ideas worth spreading.” Making good use of visual materials on various topics such as social science, biology, and business administration, the presenters gave high-level lectures in foreign languages. It showcased the capabilities of global talents, offered a new way of communicating with global citizens, and made known God’s glory to the international community.

Fifty-four participants were honored with awards. After presenting award certificates to each winner and congratulating them Herself, Mother applauded all the participants and hoped that everyone would become gospel workers who would amaze the world.

ⓒ 2018 WATV

“Language will play a very important role in delivering the words of truth to the locals and bringing about a positive change. English is used in most countries, and so I’ll have many opportunities to use it,” said Lee Myeong-jin (winner in English section, Seoul), who began to study English with a dream for overseas mission since his admission to university.

“When I participated in ASEZ volunteer services in Mexico last summer, I was in trouble because of my poor Spanish. Motivated by that experience, I began to practice basic conversations first. From now on, I would like to study Spanish and other foreign languages continually so that I can carry out volunteer services with foreigners and display God’s glory,” said Brother Lee Jun-yeong (winner in Spanish section, Chungju).

As for the side events, there were Foreign Language Experience Zone, where participants could experience communicating in foreign languages such as Spanish, Japanese, English, and Portuguese, and Foreign Culture Experience Booths, which provided information on each country’s population, climate, and language. The members checked their foreign language skills, having conversations with quasi-native speakers of each language, and learned about the countries. The members added their will to learn a foreign language to the firm faith to preach to seven billion people, and resolved to become the protagonists of the prophecies who will lead the world, delivering Mother’s love, wherever they go and whomever they meet.