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Dedication Services for the Mungyeong and Yeongju Churches in Korea

  • Nation | Korea
  • Datum | 10. Juli 2018
ⓒ 2018 WATV
New temples have been built consecutively in the first half of the year 2018 in Korea, and in July, the first month of the second half, dedication services were held in Mungyeong, a scenic tourist city, and in Yeongju, the city of seonbi [virtuous scholars], in the northern part of North Gyeongsang Province of Korea. More than 2,000 members shared joy at the dedication services held in the morning and in the afternoon of July 10.

Mother told of Father’s efforts and sacrifice in the days of tough economic conditions and poor transportation system. To save His lost children from heaven, Father went even to remote mountainous villages, preached the gospel, and established house churches. “Let’s engrave upon our hearts the love of God who sacrificed Himself to save us, and diligently look for our scattered heavenly family members, so that we may fulfill the holy will of Father,” said Mother. She also asked them to take care of themselves physically and spiritually in the prolonged heat wave.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol expressed his gratitude to the members who had worked hard for the construction of the temples and gave thanks to God for granting the dedication ceremonies. “As it is prophesied in the Bible, all living creatures come to live wherever the truth of the water of life reaches,” he said. He hoped that the new temples established by God would fulfill its role as the gospel institutions and deliver the water of life abundantly to scattered heavenly family members who are suffering without hearing the news of salvation yet (Rev 22:17; 21:9–10; Gal 4:26; Eze 47:1–12; Ro 1:18–20; Jer 31:31).

The Mungyeong Church

ⓒ 2018 WATV
A rugged mountain pass at an altitude of 642 m [2,100 ft] is called Mungyeong Saejae [bird pass] to signify that it is a pass so high that even birds find the crossing difficult. But it is not true anymore. As the Jungbu Naeryuk [Central Inland] Expressway has been opened to traffic, it only takes two hours from the capital area. It has been designated as Mungyeong Special Tourist Zone thanks to the convenient road network. More and more tourists visit local attractions such as hot springs, the Mungyeong Coal Museum, and Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park.

The church building has four floors above ground and one underground. “It seems that God has given us a spacious temple to find more heavenly family members,” said the members, giving thanks to God. They showed their will to raise a banner of Zion as soon as possible in nearby regions like Yecheon, too, by working in unity with neighboring churches.

The Yeongju Church

ⓒ 2018 WATV
Yeongju is a transportation hub between the Taebaek Mountains and the Sobaek Mountains, as it borders Danyang of North Chungcheong Province to the west and Yeongwol of Gangwon Province to the north. It is also the cradle of the “seonbi spirit” that practices filial piety and courtesy based on Scholar An Hyang’s Six Teachings.

The church practices neighborly love continually in obedience to the teachings of God, with the seonbi spirit. The young adult members, college students in particular, are working actively. They conduct volunteer services tailored to the needs of the city with the high population of the elderly such as art therapy, visit to nursing homes, and cleaning senior centers.